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Individual Therapy

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In these sessions, we focus on recognizing what happened to you, to your community, and to your ancestors. We identify your current coping abilities, survival strategies and learn more about mechanisms of trauma. You will develop your own unique wellness skills and tools by employing your own strength and gifts. You are going to further explore what happened to you and process your past experiences with the approach most suited to you.

Couples Therapy

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Together, we will recognize what happened to you and your past relationships. You will learn how to accept and embrace each other and your current relationship with compassion. Focus is placed on learning how to be truly present for each other while appreciating each other’s presence. We will think of your relationship as a separate entity from you as individuals and learn how to have conversations about it and be compassionate and kind towards it.

Family Therapy

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In my family therapy sessions, I typically see unique families, families who have adopted, multi-cultural families, and LGBTQIA2S+ families, for example. We will learn how to recognize what has happened to you as individuals and your family as a unit. We focus on how to be truly present for each other, how to communicate with compassion, and how to validate each other’s experiences.

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Our Initial Session

Our initial therapy session is about getting to know each other, cultivating mutual trust, understanding what has happened to you, arriving at the name of your experiences, also known as mental health diagnosis. Further, we will create plans and a method for your healing. This is also known as a treatment plan. To do this, we will discuss what healing looks like to you because what healing looks like is very different on an individual basis. For example, healing for one person may look like the ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks, while for others, healing could mean having a long-lasting loving relationship with a significant other, yet again it could be forgiving oneself and forgiving others, or it could be all these things. After we identify what healing looks like for you, you will learn how to create a safe and comfortable place for you to begin your healing journey. These include psychoeducation about the mechanisms of trauma, a review of your existing coping mechanisms and coping skills, along with self-soothing skills, and you will learn a set of self-soothing skills and coping skills.

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Telehealth Sessions

Telehealth sessions allow us to meet safely over the Internet using a device such as a laptop/desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. These sessions are private confidential and often covered by insurance. Contact me if you are interested in Telehealth services.

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Peer Support Specialist Training


In partnership with NAMI Multnomah, I facilitate and lead a 50-hour training program to certify individuals as Peer Support Specialists for adult mental health. If you are interested in the program, visit either of the two links below.

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